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05:18am 31/12/2006
see http://radiowave.ru

This is TSPT accomplice seeker

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if you love robots like i love robots... 
04:21pm 03/11/2005
  then you should listen to this:


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if you love robots like i love robots... 
04:21pm 03/11/2005
  then you should listen to this:


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12:25pm 08/06/2005
  What is about to follow is a shameless piece of promotion, please feel free to delete it if you so wish!

I just started a new community that I thought you folks might be interested in. It's called inside_things.
It's a place to post pictures you've taken of the insides of broken/unwanted bits of technological kit.

Ever fallen out of love with a robot, smashed it to pieces and taken photos of the carnage?! If so, post them here!

Would love to see some pics from you!

Thankyou and goodbye!

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05:38am 09/05/2005
  Please go to this link and help me get my ipod, and you can get one for yourself too. It might be a bit of a wait but its better than paying for one!

I know it seems that you have to spend money on the offers all but you don’t, i signed up for the DVD offer, its like the blockbuster monthly rental but a different company, its a free trial which you can either choose to complete and watch DVDs for free or just sign up and then cancel like I did, at no cost to yourself.

Please consider going back to look it will not cost you anything and you will massively helping me out, possibly getting an ipod for yourself?!


Also for those people trying to get referrals this website is supposed to help:


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08:42pm 01/05/2005
  hi. i really like robots. also, my name taya.
everyone asks why i love them so much but they don't understand.
i bet most of you do. robots are just awesome.

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robot stationery and artwork 
04:54pm 23/04/2005
  New products have been added to the BitterBots shop.

Stationery $12 per set.


5"x7" - $10 each

8"x10" - $15 each

We're also interested in trading links with fellow craftsters and artists.

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12:28pm 04/04/2005
mood: nerdy
Not really robotics, but pretty darned close. I thought it was pretty cool!

Check it out!Collapse )


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07:55am 18/03/2005
  One (1) female-style humanoid mecha, 1:1 scale. Must have established organic interface sockets, natural language TSRs, heuristic learning capability and adaptable persona matrix. Secondhand unit acceptable. Self-delivery preferable. Please contact poster immediately for negotiation of price.  

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